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History of theatre

    Baku Child Theatre has been established on the basis of amateur art activities circles of pioneer and the pupils.
     On March 15, 1927 a new playbill seemed in Baku. These words have been written in the playbill: Today spectacle of "Gale" will be shown in the staging of chief of Pioneer group Latif Karimli. This spectacle prepared 14-years-old Agadadash Gurbanov’s initiative laid down the foundations of the child theatre in our republic.
    In 1928 by the decision of Azerbaijan People Education Commissariat Baku Child Theatre officially began its activities. Actors and directors of the theatre were: Agadadash Gurbanov, Mammadaga Dadashov, Yusif Aminli, Mina Abdullayeva, Yusif Dadashov, Susanna Majidova, Javahir Iskandarova, Suleyman Alasgarov, Huseynaga Sadikhov, Karim Hasanov, Zafar Nematov, Maharram Hashimov, Alimammad Atayev and so on. On November 06, 1928 Russian section of the theatre began its activities with the spectacle of the same name prepared on the basis of play of N.Smirnov and S. Sherbakov "Five persons", Azerbaijan section of the theatre began its activities with the work of N. Ivanter “Against red tie” on January 30, 1930.
    From 18 of July, 1936 according to order of Azerbaijan People Education Commissariat Baku Child Theatre was named “Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre” and was named after M. Gorky. Maharram Hasimov finished faculty of the profession of a producer in Moscow in 1936 was appointed head producer of the theatre. Maharram Hasimov successfully prepared V. Lyubimova’s work "Seryoja Streltsov" to spectacle in both section of the theatre. In 1937 notable writer of child Abdulla Shaig was appointed head of literary part. Spectacles of Abdulla Shaig’s “Khasay”, “Eloglu”, “Fitna”, Mirmehdi Seyidzada’s “Gizilgush”, “Nargiz”, Ayyub Abbasov’s “Azad”, “Malikmammad” which created on the basis of the first national child dramatic composition were the creative work achievement of the theatre.
    On November, 1940 theatre took part in the 1st All-Union view of the Soviet Child Theatres held in Moscow and theatre was met warmly by Russia theatre community and other representatives of participating countries. Collective presented spectacles prepared on play of Sabit Rahman and Adil Iskandarov’s “The Partisan Mammad”, Alimammad Atayev and Ahmad Ahmadov’s “Seyran” in this authoritative ceremony. During years after The World War II the spectacles "Fitna", “Garaja Giz”, “Skape’s trick”, “How steel hardened”, “Haji Ganbar”, “Sevinj” which counted the best in the repertoire of Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre distinguished by its professionalism. Theatre met 1952 in a new building. Activities of the theatre in the 50th years has been successful, especially stage fate of the spectacles as Yusif Azimzada’s “Mummy”, “April morning”, Rauf Ismayilov’s “Two lives”, Mammadhuseyn Tahmasib’s “Flowery mountain”, A. Abbasov’s “Agil and Sarvinaz”, in Russian section “Pavlik Morozov”, “Sombrero”, “Valya Kotik”, “Iron ring” have been successful.
    On February 28, 1954 25 annual jubilees of Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre were held solemnly. In jubilee days Maharram Hashimov, Aliaga Agayev and Agadadash Gurbanov was rewarded with the honorary name of People's Artist of the Republic, dramatist A. Abbasov, producer Zafar Nematov, painter Nikolay Ovchinnikov was rewarded with the honorary name of Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan SSR, producer Kamal Hasanov, artists Mammadaga Dadashov, Yusif Dadashov, Suleyman Alasgarov, Javahir Iskandarova, Aleksey Lejnyov, A. Lizina was rewarded with the honorary name of Honored Artist of the Republic according to the care in the establishment and development of the Child and Youth Theatre in Azerbaijan. After jubilee theatre opened its 26th season on September 10, 1954 with the spectacle of Jafar Jabbarli’s play “Yashar”.
    In October, 1955 theatre addressed to Shakespeare’s creative work for the first time and prepared great dramatist’s play “Two Verona” to spectacle. Coming of the new actor to each theatre stimulate arising the process of creative work and atmosphere in the theatre. Just in 50th years arose reviving in the collective with the coming of representatives of new generation to the theatre as Firangiz Sharifova, Osman Hajibayov, Rahila Malikova, Irina Vasilyeva, George Sigankov, and Tamara Razumovskaya, and so on.
    Activities of Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre especially in the 60th years has been efficient and has been valued as the most productive period in its development process. Head producer of the theatre sensible pedagogue, skilful organizer Zafar Nematov’s work in this sphere has differed especially. In his perennial activities time as a head producer in the theatre have been educated a new generation of dramatist, actor, producer. Exactly in that years Theatre has been able to rise to high-level in the idea-art direction and in the pedagogical area. Especially, fundamental ground has been established for unity of the connections of family and school.
    The plays “Two lives”, “Komsomol’s poem”, “He’s my son”, “Valya Kotik”, “Good-bye India” of dramatists Rauf Ismayilov, Iskandar Joshgun, Afgan Asgarov, Huseyn Najafov, Geybulla Rasulov overturned to a model of art thanks to Nematov’s administration, ability and talent. Amina Yusifgizi, Solmaz Gurbanova, Firdovsi Naibov, Zarnishan Fataliyeva, Sona Babayeva, Hasan Abluch, Victor Semerenko, Ivetta Ryabova, Arnold Kharchenko, Nelli Mammadova, Tatyana Kharitonova and so on were talented actors which educated by Zafar Nematov as a producer pedagogue.
    Group of creative staff of the spectacle “Poem of Komsomol” - producer Zafar Nematov, painter Altay Saidov, actors Yusif Valiyev, Huseynaga Sadikhov, Suleyman Alasgarov, Osman Hajibayov, composer Fikrat Amirov and dramatist Iskandar Joshkun was honoured with Laureate of prize of Lenin Komsomol of the Republic founded in 1967. In the half century period of activities pearls of the classics of Azerbaijan, Russian and world have taken worthy place in the stage of Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre. Mirza Fatali Akhundov’s “Khirs Guldurbasan”, Abdulrahim Bay Hagverdiyev’s “Miserable Young”, Jafar Jabbarli’s “Yashar”, Nikolay Gogol’s “Inspector”, Victor Hugo’s “Gavrosh” and other plays have enriched repertoire of the theatre in all years.
    In the first years of establishing theatre has educated a new creative generation which have wish of contemporarily, over-emphasize necessary vital problems and painful areas of the society, and always immortalize these traditions. Every new coming generation spending its warm breath, sense and love for the development of the theatre has brought new freshness to the theatre. Talented actors accept relay-race Tariyel Gasimov, Gulshan Gurbanova, Yasin Garayev, Almaz Mustafayeva, Sona Babayeva, Azer Mirzayev. Talented personalities as Mubariz Alikhanli, Adalat Mammadov, Rauf Ganiyev, Constantine Artyomov, Zoya Kharchenko, producers Azer Nematov, Muharib Tagiyev, Hasan Abluj, painters Tahir Tahirov, Elchin Mammadov has worthy place in the general creative work successes of the theatre.
    In the half century period Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre renders exemplary service to theatre spectator, plays the important part in aesthetic upbringing of the young generation and in growing in patriotism spirit. In 1979 for its efficient activity Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre honoured with high prize- Order of “honour” sign, in 1978 honoured with Republic laureate of prize of Lenin Komsomol.
    In 1989 Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre met its spectators in a present- new building. Abiding to its tradition as ever theatre was involved wide spectator auditorium with more interesting spectacles in every new theatre season. On December, 1989 theatre took part successfully in the International Theatre Festival took place in Moscow with the spectacle of Kamal Aslanov “Fall asleep” and in 1993 took part successfully in the Theatre Festival “East-West” took place in Tashkent. In later years in 2002 theatre took part successfully in the International Novruz Festival VII of Turkish languages people took place in Kazan the capital of Tataristan Republic with the spectacle prepared on the basis of novel of writer-dramatist Elchin “Mahmud and Maryam”, in 2004 took part with the spectacle “Mother goose” in the Television-Theatre International Festival took place in Moscow, took part International Theatre Festival took place in Kuznetsk with the spectacle prepared on the basis of play of Ilyas Afandiyev “Perished daily”, on December, 2006 took part in the Gala-concert of International Theatre Festival II took place in the Podolsk city of the Moscow region with operetta of genius Uzeyir Hajibayov “Arshin Mal Alan”, on April 2007 took part in the 23 Nisan Child holiday held traditionally in the city of Alanya of the Republic of Turkey with the spectacles of N. Ganjavi “Kheyir and Shar”, R. Rza “Mother Goose”, I. Joshgun “Chal oyna”, on April 2008 for the second time took part in the 23 Nisan Child holiday in the cities of Ankara and Igdir of the Republic of Turkey with A. Orujogli’s “The trick of Grandmother’, from 27 of march till 4 of April took part with R. Rza’s “Mother Goose” and S. Marshak’s “Cat’s house” in the Minsk capital of Belarus, in May took part in the Dmitrov, Taldom and Dubna cities of the Moscow region with the spectacles of I. Afandiyev “Perished daily” and S. Marshak “Cat’s house”.
    From 26 of May, 2009 till 6 of June , 2009 Theatre has represented our Republic successfully in the traditional International Theatre Festival IX of Turkish languages people took place in Kazan capital of Tataristan Republic with the spectacle of A. B. Hagverdiyev “Pari Jadu”. In 2008 Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre has been 80 years old. Throughout these years theatre renders efficient service to children and juveniles, plays the important part in growing of the young generation in the spirit of spiritual moral, kindness and patriotism. During last years have been prepared 513 new spectacles, have been shown 33505 spectacles and 8042000 spectator has benefited from it. It is possible to say that, many statesmen, scientists, writers, composers, heroes of labour and war have grown under influence of this spectacles prepared in this theatre.
    Today Theatre demonstrates activities with more giant collective and richer repertoire.
    According to the 41st decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the March 19, 2009 Azerbaijan State Young Theatre and according to the decision on the September 30, 2009 Baku Chamber Theatre have been united to Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre.
    In 2010, 4-11th of June the staff of the theatre participated in the XII International Antique Art Festival with the spectacle of “Ezop”, by G. Figueiredo in Sevastopol which is capital of Autonomous Republic of Crimea. That spectacle has been honoured as the best Antique spectacle.
    In 2011, 4-8th of February the theatre staff participated in the 32nd of International Fajr Theatre Festival with “Othello” spectacle in Gurgan city of Iran Islamic Republic and returned back to home with successful achievements. Moreover, in May, 2011, Children and Youth Theatre of Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators has been selected as a member of International ASSITEJ and that event has been marked as an important step forward in integration our theatre to the world theatre. After a while National Centre of that Union was opened in Azerbaijan. Ivetta Hardi participated in the first meeting which was hold in the eve of International Puppet Theatre Festival in November, 2011. The next meeting also was hold in Baku and during that meeting 22 special members of ASSITEJ have been closely acquainted with the function of the Theatre o Young Spectators in November, 2012. In November, 2012, ASSITEJ – Azerbaijan National Centre and Theatre of Young Spectators participated in the II Baku International theatre conference and then they have been signed different contracts about numbers of international projects. 84th season of the theatre started very successfully for theatre staff. Between 10th and 20th of November, 2011, theatre successfully staged the mono-play “Contrabass”, by P. Susskind in the II International “ArtOkraina” Festival of mono and small size plays which were take place in Saint Petersburg.
    Theatre staff has been participated in the V Monodrama International Theatre Festival in Al Fujairah (UAM) and quite well represented our country with “Finally…” play, by Austrian playwright and publicist Peter Terrine. In 2012, between 28th of January and 2nd of February another part of theatre members visited 33rd “Fajr” International Theatre Festival which is traditionally took place in Iran Islam Republic. The “Don Rafael Trumpeter” play, by Italian actor and playwright Peppino De Fillippo staged during that Festival. The first month of the 85th season of the theatre – 6-11th of September – started with XVII International White Veja Festival in the Brest city of Belarus Republic again with the “Don Rafael Trumpeter” play.
    In a short period of time the policy of theatre repertoire over looked and the best plays of the world and Azerbaijan classic playwrights are started staged in the theatre in parallel with our own modern play compositions. During that years “Sheikh Sanan” (H. Javid), “Aydin” (J. Jabbarli), “The Way to Makkah” (J. Mammadguluzade), “Cherry Tree” (A.P. Chekhov), “Othello” (W. Shakespeare), “Ezop” (G. Figueiredo), “Sttory of Reaver” (M.F. Akhundov), “Victoria” (K. Hamsun), “Evil’s Trick” (E. Shvarts), “Magic Lamp of Aladdin” (Arabian folk fairytale), “Last train or dogs” (I. Fahmi, O. Kazimi), “The Nutcracker” (E.T.A. Hoffman), “Sleeping beauty” (B. Marvin), “Adventure of Tom Sawyer” (C. Dickens), “My White Dove” (T. Valiyeva), “Beaty Fatma” (Azerbaijan folk fairytale), “The Death Horse” (V. Alikhanli), “I Love You - ILY” (A. Amirli), “Ruined Dairies” (I. Afandiyev), “Romeo and Juliette” (W. Shakespeare), “Incidents of Buzovna Village” (Elchin), “The Story of Prince Khazar” (K. Aghabalayev), “The Tiger Year” (Firuz Mustafa), “Alinja Tower” (Dilsuz), “I Came Back, Girls” (“War” L Nuren), “Adventures of Buratino” (A. Tolstoy), “Nigella Girl” (S.S. Akhundov, A. Shaig), “The Story of 4 twins” (P. Panchev), “Karlsson of the Roof” (A. Lindqren), “Talking Doll” (A. Shaig), “Italian Happiness” (D. Fo, P. Filippo), “Another Side of Fence” (A. Amirli) were staged successfully.
    Theatre was signed number of projects which are taking very significant place in expanding mental outlook, world sight and understanding of young generation. Moreover the theatre was implemented different projects like “Theatre education, and our morality”, “We love theatre”, “The first student card”, “and The happiness of familiarity with theatre”, “Top individuals”, “Martyrs never die, and Motherland never can divide”. In parallel, The State Program “Azerbaijan Theatre in 2009-2019 years”, 90 years jubilee of Nationwide leader Haydar Aliyev, 140 years jubilee of Azerbaijan National Worldly Professional Theatre and 85 years jubilee of Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators were hold and within those projects “I want to talk about theatre” project was implemented in the theatre. Accordingly country leader instruction 200 years jubilee of Azerbaijan National Dramaturgy founder, notable dramaturge and thinker M.F. Akhundzade has been celebrated in 2012. At the same time 2012 year was announced as “M.F.Akhundzade’s year” within TURKSOY. At the given moment the plays of dramaturge are staging in the theatre. They are “Hekayati khirs guldurbasan”, “Lankaran khanin vaziri”, “Haji Gara”, “Mosyo Jordan”, and “Darvish Mastali Shah”.
     Theatre has successfully taken part in the international festivals and tours in different time and in different places like Moscow, Volgograd, Tumen, Krasnodar, Selingrad, Tbilisi, Iravan, Dashkent, Ashgabat, Kazan, and other cities. Without any doubt, the plays which are staging in the theatre is taking an important places in influencing to the formation of moral and esthetic style, nurturing of patriotism feeling in children’s, teenager’s, and young generation’s mind. In brief, we are pleased to see everybody from 7 to 77 ages in our theatre. We are also preparing the classic plays which are studying in our education system. We hope that it can help to link us more tightly with schoolchildren. Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators at the same time is bended to school. Professional teachers are working in the theatre.
    During those years the theatre was continued mutual relationships with world theatre. In November 2012, Astrakhan State theatre of Young Spectators of Russian Federation, in March 2013, National Drama Dram Theatre of Kalmikiya Republic named by B. Basangov has been in Baku tour. Within contracts between those theatres Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators has been in tour in Astrakhan State Theatre of Young Spectators of Russian Federation and in National Dram Theatre of Kalmikiya Republic named by B. Basangov in 2013 from the 29th of September until the 7th of October with plays like “Mother Goose” by R. Rza, “War” by L. Noren, and “Contrabass” by P. Susskind.
    The theatre has been in Colombo International Mono-spectacles Festival with “Contrabass” play by P. Susskind which is organized by Shri-Lanka Centre of ASSITEJ in 2013, from the 26th of March until the 4th of April. Beside the best models of our modern dramatic composition, in the theatre have been reflected works from classics of Azerbaijan and world like William Shakespeare, Jan Batiste Molyer, Fridric Shiller, Carlo Goldonin, Fonvizi, Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Ostrovski, Nikolay Gogol, Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Najaf Bay Vazirov, Nariman Narimanov, Jafar Jabbarli, Suleyman Sani Akhundov, Abdulla Shaig and others. Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre – the inseparable branch of Azerbaijan National Theatre Art has educated a number of independent cultural workers. Later some of them have continued their creative works in the Azerbaijan State Academician National Dramatic Theatre. People’s artists Agadadash Gurbanov, Aliaga Agayev, Suleyman Alasgarov, Firangiz Sharifova, Yusif Valiyev, Huseynaga Sadikhov, Lutfi Mammadbayov, Aleksey Lejnyov, George Sigankov, Khuraman Hajiyeva, Gulshan Gurbanova, Solmaz Gurbanova, Tariyel Gasimov, Agakhan Salmanli, Yasin Garayev, honoured artists Mammadaga Dadashov, Osman Hajibayov, Rahila Malikova, Susanna Majidova, Mafkhura Yermakova, Firdovsi Naibov, Tamara Razumovskaya, Anatoliy Dobronetskiy, Arnold Kharchenko, Javahir Iskandarova, Rukhsara Agayeva, Mubariz Pashayev, Rafig Huseynov, Adalat Mammadov, Azer Mirzayev, Mubariz Hamidov, Latifa Aliyeva, Nubar Novruzova, Naiba Allahverdiyeva, Rahib Aliyev, actors Elkhan Gurbanov, Almaz Mustafayeva, Shafag Aliyeva have taken specific place in the history of the theatre. At the same time with the craftsmen of which names is noted, at present a great number of talented and perspective actors like Elshan Rustamov, Mehriban Abdullayeva, Kamala Huseynova, Kubra Dadashova, Nijat Kazimov, Eyvaz Ibrahimov, Vusal Mehraliyev, Gurban Ismayilov, Ayshad Mammadov, Nasiba Eldarova, Shovgi Huseynov, Leyli Valiyeva, Ilgar Jahangirov and so on work in the Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre. According to long annual efficient activities in development of the Azerbaijan National Theatre Art 6 persons have been honoured with Individual Grant of the President, 7 persons have been honoured with Special Prize of the President in the Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre.
    Now talented producers like People’s Artists Jannat Salimova, Vagif Asadov, Rafig Aliyev, Irina Perlova have substituted actors like People’s Artists Alexander Tuganov, Maharram Hashimov, Tofig Kazimov, Agakishi Kazimov, Azarpasha Nematov, Honored Art Workers Zafar Nematov, Huseyn Sultanov, Ulduz Rafili- Aliyeva, Honoured Artist Karim Hasanov which once have given interesting systems in the theatre.
    In different periods theatre have taken part successfully in the International Theatre Festivals and tour journeys in Moscow, Volgograd, Tumen, Krasnodar, Selinograd, Tbilisi, Iravan, Tashkent, Ashkhabad, Kazan and in other cities. Undoubtedly, the spectacles have an exception role in forming of spiritual aesthetic taste of child, juveniles and young generation, in growing and educating them in the patriotism spirit that prepared in those subjects. Now the repertoire of our theatre is rich with the interesting spectacles for child, young and juveniles and adults. In a word, we are always pleased to see spectators involved all age group from 7 till 77 in our theatre. Among spectacles that we prepared there are a lot of famous plays of some classic dramatists teaching in general education schools today. We think that, the connection between theatre and our schools have to be more wide and close. As the Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre is a school tendentious. Special pedagogue works in the theatre on work with young and juveniles.
    89 years old Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre abiding to its tradition today is making glad spectators with new interesting spectacles involved all age group. Each meeting with spectator is real holiday for us.

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